Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Heather & Jeremy Dortch Wedding - Lake Arrowhead Resort, Ca

Holy Cow. 
These two are a match made in Heaven.
Easy going, relaxed and care free are some words that come to mind when describing the Dortchs.
Their wedding was an absolute blast.
Every single guest was super friendly, which makes the day THAT much more enjoyable for Tori and I.
We had such a great time with Heather & Jeremy and we will definitely be seeing more of them in the near future :)
Here is a glimpse into their special day, which by the way, will go down in history as one of the most epic weddings ever taken place at Lake Arrowhead Resort, solely because of the couple themselves.

 Mesmerized by the dress.

 Mom can't hold it in.
 Altoid anyone?

Whatta ya think... happy groom? 
Happy bride? 

C'mon, bite your lip, no one sees the tears welling up in your eyes ;) 


 I made an appearance! (well, my arm did at least)

Good night Lake Arrowhead and congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Dortch!

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