Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Jessica & Robert Engaged!

This last weekend, Tori and I were able to participate in one 
of my best friend's proposal to his girlfriend of 5 years. 
It all went down on Catalina Island at the Botanical Gardens.
The weather was perfect and I must say, Robert was very suave about the whole thing.
Jessica had NO idea, which makes it that much better.
As soon as she saw him on one knee, all her emotions broke loose. 
Even Rob started to shed some tears.
It's something special when you've been friends with someone since 
4th grade and you're able to be there for him while he proposes to his future wife.
I get a little teary-eyed just thinkin' about it.
Anyways, she obviously said yes, since she has been waiting for this day for, 
I don't know, her whole life.
Check out the photos for a little glimpse into this special day for Robert & Jessica.
There's my beautiful wife. 
Take your own bikes for $3 more per person :) 

 And here we go, walking up to the proposal point!
So nervous... 
The moment before he kneals down. 
And boom! Tears are falling. 

Checkin' out the new bling. 

What a prefect way to end the day. This was where Robert 
took Jessica on their first date many many years ago ;)
Congratulations Robert & Jessica! Tori and I are SOO very
excited for you guys and what lies ahead.

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  1. Congrats Robert! Great pics brett. So cool you could be there. Cheers to 4th grade!