Thursday, June 9, 2011

Nate & Robin married! - Cinnabar Hills Golf Course, San Jose, Ca

I cannot begin to explain the love these 2 have for each other.
Really, I sat here in my chair for several minutes trying to conjure up the
words to explain their affection for each other and I just can't do it.
Instead of attempting to explain with words, maybe
these photos can do a better job.
Take a look and you'll see exactly what I'm trying to explain.


The weather could not have been better. It rained ALL day Saturday and rain was
 in the forecast for Sunday as well. Between Robin and myself, we must have had 
hundreds of people praying for a dry day. Well, it must have worked. Not a drop 
of rain hit the ground that day.




Nate shared his love of women's shoes with me.
He says that Robin can shop for shoes ANY time she wants! 

1st sight of his beautiful bride.

Does that photo look familiar?

Tori captured this awesome reflection of the guests 
standing as Robin made her way down the aisle.

The wind allowed for this shot. Robin's veil wrapped perfectly around Nate.

I don't think she liked the taste of the communion wafers.

1st kiss!

This guy knew how to dance!

Congratulations Robin & Nate! 
Special thanks to Cinnabar Hills and their 
awesome event coordinator Brittany Wilson!

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  1. Loved these! My favorite is the groomsmen on the hill. They had a beautiful wedding!