Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Justin & Monica Proposal!

On Sunday, November 28th, 2010, one of my best friends proposed to the love of his life.
Justin wanted Tori and I to be there so we could capture the whole experience on our cameras.
Monica was clueless.
We met Justin and his family in Oak Glen, where everyone drove down to Monica's house, less than a mile away.
Monica's whole family "just happened" to be at her house that night as well.
The doorbell rang.
Monica's mom acted as if she couldn't get to the door as she said, "Monica, can you get that?"
To her surprise, Justin was at the patio with his family standing right behind him.
Justin whispered something he had been practicing ALL DAY into her ear as her smile grew larger by the second.
Finally, he dropped down to one knee and opened the little red box.

Tori and I have been there since the beginning of their relationship and I can't think of anyone more suitable for Justin than Monica.
They are absolutely perfect together.
We are SO excited for their future.
Congratulations Justin & Monica!

Here's Justin right before we all drove to Monica's house.
He was gitty like a little boy about to go open a Christmas present.

Walking up to the porch! I'm sure his nerves were overwhelming at this point,
even though he played it way cooler than I would have/did.

Thankfully she said yes. Otherwise, it would have been a
tremendously awkward moment for everyone waiting for her answer.

Way to go Justin! You scored!

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