Thursday, August 27, 2009

A little Brett bio :)

Hey all,
   I hate talkin about myself but you probably wanna know a little bit about me if your considering me as your photog so here goes.
   I'm currently a senior at Brooks Institute of Photography and ready to graduate! I have learned so much during my studies at Brooks and I can't wait to start using it towards my career. Here's a little story to give you some history about my wedding photography experience:
   About 3 years ago, I was just starting to take photography serious. I was enrolled at Brooks but hadn't started yet. My fiance's mom told her coworker, who's son was getting married soon (a shotgun wedding none the less, which means I didn't have too much time to prepare) about me so they wanted to have me come and "take candid pictures" while the other photographer did his thing. Well, a week before the wedding, I got a call from the mom and she tells me that I will be the only photographer! I immediately started to shake with nervousness. I told her that I wasn't confident enough and she said, "Oh, you'll do just fine." (pretty risky on her part now that I think about it) I went to the wedding more nervous than I think I had ever been in my life. After it was all said and done, I'm kind of glad that it happened like that because it really made me sink or swim and fortunately, everyone loved the pictures so it all turned out okay. To any future wedding photogs, I wouldn't recommend starting off like this ;)
Here's a little picture of my fiance and I :)

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